Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Independence Day 2014

On the morning of the 4th, we drove to my parent's house to spend the weekend. As soon as we arrived, the kids were begging to swim. It was pretty stormy the night before and there were still a lot of clouds so it wasn't as hot as a typical Arizona morning.

Grant loves the pool. He's usually pretty calm and relaxed. When we brought him in wrapped in his towel, I thought he was going to fall right to sleep.

Abby and Myrta.

Clara loves to jump in. She makes us all a little nervous because she doesn't always pay attention to where she's jumping.

I love this picture of Abby. Can't you just feel the fun?

We spent to afternoon hanging out, BBQed for dinner and then went out for frozen yogurt. We came back and put Grant to bed and my parent's graciously stayed home with him so we could take the girls to watch the fireworks.

There was music playing while we waited for the fireworks to start and the girls were getting their groove on.

Do you like Abby's patriotic outfit? She came up with it all by herself. Clara spilled juice on herself at dinner and I forgot to pack her an extra outfit so she just went in jammies.

It was a really great show. It was a lot of fun watching with the girls. Clara has never seen fireworks and Abby's never really heard them.

Clara was asleep almost immediately when we got in the car. It was a late night for them but totally worth it!

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