Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Big Girl Chair

Abby finally reached the 20 pound mark so we ordered her a new, front-facing carseat. She sat in it, had her babies sit in it, climbed on it and had an all-out good time. It was a big hit...while it was in the house. It didn't have quite the same awesome-factor in the car. During her first ride, she was fussing. I turned and asked her if she was in her big girl chair. She said "yeah" and stop whining for a minute. She wanted her chair to be special, but her dislike for being in the car won out in the end and the fussing continued. Dang!


  1. 1. Your child is more adorable than words can describe.
    2. I understand her dilemma. Its all like, "hey I'm all grown up now cause I can have this cool new thing." But with great power comes great responsibility, and sometimes, that makes life hard.

  2. Yea Abby! It makes it a lot easier to pass back snacks and toys when they're facing forward. I hope that helps the fussiness!


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