Friday, March 5, 2010

Nights with the Girls

Last week, I went with a lovely group of ladies to a karaoke bar in Chinatown. It was an absolute blast. We started out the night in the main bar section. Several of the girls ordered sushi (I don't eat that stuff, but I'm told it was delicious) and we started to warm up the pipes a bit. Then, we went into a private room where things really started to get crazy! My personal favorite songs to sing were "Wannabe" and "The Longest Time." We were all sad when our time was up. Thanks MaryAnn and Natalie for planning such a fun night. We must do it again soon!

These are the only pictures I will post. We have decided that next time we go, no cameras are allowed because all of the pictures turned out horribly unflattering.

This week, we had a hairclip making night. Everyone brought fabric, ribbon, buttons, etc. to share and then some of my wonderfully talented friends showed everyone how to make the adorable clips. I loved it! I just wanted to make clips all night (but decided to cut it off at midnight.)

I have been doing all kinds of crafty things lately. I'll have to tell you all about card club and quiet books later!

1 comment:

  1. Even though the last thing my life needs is more crafty ideas to take up my time, I can't wait to hear about the card club and quiet books!


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