Monday, November 7, 2011

Abby is 3

We headed to Arizona for a wedding the day after her birthday so I'm just getting around to this...

A week has past and I still can't believe I have a three-year-old. We love our Abby Drue so much.

She is hilarious. She keeps me laughing with her little-girl humor and her infectious smile.

She asks a lot of questions. She always wants to know who made things (Who made my table?-Daddy. Who made our house?-I don't know.) or who bought her toys and clothes (the answer is usually grammy).

She is so smart and loves to learn. We checked out a sign language movie from the library and after watching it two times she can show me all of the signs.

She is still pretty shy but usually warms up pretty quickly. She goes into giggle mode whenever someone talks to her and she is feeling shy.

She is a good helper. She always helps me clean the house. She loves to do dishes. She is quick to help me take care of Clara.

On her birthday, we let her open two presents before her nap. She doesn't sleep well when she's excited for something. Little did she know, there was a mountain of presents to open when she got up from her nap.

Aunt Merrick made her a cute dress. She wanted to wear it immediately.

I made her an apron and oven mitts. They went wonderfully with all of the new kitchen stuff she got.

She had a rainbow party. I got most of my inspiration from Pinterest. Who knew rainbow parties were all the rage? The kids colored and made rainbow necklaces out of Fruit Loops. The Fruit Loop bowl was also a popular place for tiny hands.

The food table turned out pretty great. I think my favorite were the chocolate dipped Oreos. Yum!

Throughout the course of the night, there were 57 people in our house. Thankfully, about half of them were small children. It was fun having so many people there to celebrate our little girl.

I made her a rainbow headband which looked lovely with the cool rainbow cupcakes.

After the party, Abby put her costume on so we could go trick-or-treating

It was such a fun day! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful little lady in our family!


  1. Happy Birthday, Abby! So glad you were the one to make me an aunt and Philip an uncle!

    p.s. looks like a super fun party! Great job, Deborah!

  2. What a cutie my little friend Abby is!

    I wish I could have been at her birthday party! The apron and mitts are adorable!

    I'm ending every sentence with exclamation points!

    I can't stop!

    Happy Birthday Abby! Sincerely, your friend Lindsey (!)

  3. Looks like so much fun, and 57 people is a lot! Way to go party planner extraordinaire!

  4. What a fun party. All the food and decorations look great! Wish we could have been there to come to it. Miss you guys!

  5. So cute and fun! Your family is adorable. Happy Birthday Abby!

  6. What?!?! She can't be 3! It's been a long time. I loved your rainbow theme.


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