Friday, March 8, 2013

37 Weeks

Yesterday was my 37 week mark. I meant to take a picture, really, I did. I looked cute and everything. They day just sort of got away from me. By the time we were really ready to go, we needed to take off for our weekly institute class and then it was kind of go, go, go from there.

When I was pregnant with Clara, my platelet counts were a little bit low during the routine blood testing toward the beginning of my pregnancy. When they checked them again, the lab messed something up and they couldn't read the test. The doctor said they'd just check them again when I arrived at the hospital but, there wasn't time for that when we got there. I had a lot of bleeding right after Clara's birth and then for WAY too long afterward.

This time around, the doctor wanted to check if my platelets were the problem and to see if we could prevent the same thing from happening. She referred me to a hematologist for better testing/tracking. I had my fourth appointment with the hematologist yesterday. My platelets have continued to drop with each appointment and are now really on the border or worrisome. If they get to a certain point, there would be no option of an epidural and I would likely need a transfusion, particularly if I needed a C-section. So, the doctor recommended I start a low-dose steroid to try and boost my levels before delivery. So, if you see me getting some really big muscles, don't be alarmed.

Going to the hematologist's office has been pretty depressing. She actually works in the cancer center of the hospital. I sit there getting my blood drawn in a room filled with cancer patients receiving treatment. It's really sad. However, I imagine people may feel really sorry for me, the pregnant girl in the cancer center. Thankfully, I'm there for less serious reasons.

After the hematologist, I saw the OB. I am two centimeters dilated and 50 percent effaced, which is up from 1 and 20 from last week. The doctor said she would happily induce me at 39 weeks so we should be able to have our little man with us in two weeks. I'm torn about the early induction but I'm really terrified about not making it to the hospital in time. It was such a close call, and we live far away and the whole situation kind of stresses me out.

Next week, Sam is on duty at the hospital all week which also makes me worried that if I need him I won't be able to reach him. Thankfully, my parents arrive next weekend. That will take a lot of the stress off.

I'm feeling pretty junky these days, to be honest with you. I'm pretty much uncomfortable all  the time but I'm trying to stay positive and enjoy the time I have with my girls.

We're just ready for our little man here. I want to wake up in the night to feed a baby and not just to pee.

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