Sunday, March 24, 2013

Grant David Peterson

Grant David Peterson
March 21, 2013
11:18 a.m.
7 lbs. 15 oz.
19 1/4 inches
We arrived at the hospital at 6:45 a.m. to get everything started for the induction. They got the IV going, drew my blood and started the Pitocin at about 7:45. At that point, the doctor also checked me and broke my water. I was 3 cm dilated and 80 percent effaced. After a while, the doctor came in and told me that the steroids had done the trick, my platelets were over 100,000, and that I would be able to get en epidural if I wanted. I was mentally prepared not to have one so this threw a weird twist into my morning. I kept going back and forth, deciding if I felt like toughing it out or not.
Sam asked the nurse how often they check for progress and she said they try to do it as little as possible in order to decrease the risk of infection. At this point, it was coming up on three hours since the Pitocin had started and I was getting to be pretty miserable. I asked for the epidural. The anesthesiologist arrived pretty quickly and got things hooked up. When he finished, I was surprised that the epidural wasn't helping as much/as quickly as I remember it doing with Abby. When the epidural was in place, the nurse checked me and said I was about 6 cm. As soon as she left the room, my monitor started beeping because it wasn't picking up the baby's heartbeat. She had me turn on my side and then turn to the other side to see if she could adjust the monitor to find the heartbeat. When I got to the second side, I told her I was actually feeling a lot of pressure so she checked me and sure enough, I went from a 6 to a 10 in five minutes. The monitor wasn't registering the heartbeat because he was a lot lower than she was expecting him to be. We have definitely learned that when my body decides to go, it goes. The nurse told me not to push while she called the doctor and frantically started getting everything ready for delivery. Apparently, frantic deliveries are kind of my thing. It took the doctor 10 or 15 minutes to get there because she had been up in the OR. After a few rounds of pushing and an episiotomy our little man made his debut.
He has lots of dark hair and is just so handsome. He looks more like me, which is kind of fun since the girls are daddy's clones.

He is my biggest baby. It's kind of funny that my babies get smaller based on arrival to due date. It just goes to show what good a due date is.

My parents brought the girls to the hospital Thursday afternoon. They were smitten by their baby brother. Abby just couldn't get enough of him.

We now have one of each hair color. I'm interested to see how Grant's hair evolves though because I was born with really dark hair and then lightened up a lot as a toddler.

We had a bunch of visitors the first night. It was fun showing off our little boy to our friends.

Daddy is so excited to have a little buddy.

We brought him home Saturday morning. For the most part, I always really love being in the hospital. It's nice to relax and not have to worry about anything but the new baby but it was good to get home.

The girls were excited to have us back and we were excited to see them too. Somehow they both got huge while I was gone!

My parents took off in the afternoon and Sam's parents arrived in the evening. We are so grateful for the blessing of wonderful parents, willing to help us.
So, now I am a mother of three which is pretty crazy to think about. I'm excited for the new adventure!


  1. Deborah, I am sooo happy for you guys. Your family is so adorable. I wish I was there to hang out or help with your kiddos. We really miss you guys. I hope we can get together when you guys come out here and maybe even make a trip to see you guys once you get settled. I love exposing Marcus to different parts of the West. We never know where we might end up.

  2. So cute! We are really happy for you guys.

  3. Nice car seat cover, by the way. I was wondering if you'd cover it up or not.


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