Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Big 3-0

Sam turned 30 on the 30th--his golden birthday. For obvious reasons, I wasn't up to my usual birthday zeal. Luckily, Sam's parents were here to pick up the slack.
In the morning, Sam enjoyed a nice nap with his baby boy. Sam has been saying that the best gift would be to have the baby born on his birthday but I think cuddling him on his birthday was a much, much better idea.
We went to an Easter egg hunt (more on that later) and then relaxed the rest of the afternoon.

Sam showing off his new pie server. I can't believe we've gone through nearly 6 years of marriage without one. He also got some new shirts and a wallet.

Abby showing daddy the card she made him.

We ordered pizza for dinner and Sam's mom stepped up to the plate and made a strawberry rhubarb pie. Strawberry rhubarb is Sam's favorite but I've never been able to make it for his birthday because rhubarb isn't in season yet. This year, I had some saved in the freezer!

We love our daddy so much, even if he is an old man now!


  1. i never would have guessed that sam was about to turn 30! tell him we welcome him to the club, haha! it looks like a great birthday, and your little boy is so cute!

  2. Hope his card arrived on time! Happy Birthday, old man!


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