Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Festivities

We've done a few Easter crafts and had Family Home Evening lessons about Easter throughout the month. We like to really make our holidays last.
We dyed Easter eggs. I think this is the first photo of our whole family. Probably won't be framing it.

It was fun to have Grammy and Grandpa here to celebrate the holiday with us.

We were glad to be in town for the annual Easter egg hunt this year. The kids had fun playing at the park while the parents hid the eggs. It was a beautiful day outside--the first we've had in a while. Grant stayed home with the grandparents.

Most of the kiddos. There were too many to fit on our camera.

Clara was very into the egg hunt this year!

Love this action shot!

I couldn't get them to look at me.

On Easter morning we had an egg hunt at home.

The girls loved opening their gifts.

Grant looked very handsome. He was a good boy for his first day at church.

Our family of five!

My three wonderful kiddos! When Abby saw these picture she said, "I'm prettier than Clara!" Ha! And so it begins...

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  1. Ooh that baby is so cute! We all want to hug him!


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