Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Philly Family

I have been wanting to get family pictures taken in front of the Philadelphia skyline for a while but I wanted to wait until we had our whole Philly family. My friend Heather offered to do a whirlwind photoshoot for a bunch of families so we jumped onboard.
It's so fun having the pictures. I know we'll treasure them.
 Abby was nine months old when we moved to Philly. Just look at her now!
It was a bit cold during the photoshoot and I obviously didn't make the best wardrobe choices for cold weather. Clara was starting to turn blue but she was a trooper!

Grant couldn't decide if his eyes should be open or shut. He went with somewhere in the middle.

I'm so glad Sam went to school here. It's been such an amazing experience.

And, just for fun...This is what our Philly family looked like when we started here!


  1. Love all the pictures! So crazy how much your family has grown since you've been there!

  2. Those are great. What a good idea to get pics in front of the skyline before you go!


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