Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snow Days

On the day after Christmas, we got our first, real snowstorm of the year. It was hyped up to be a big one but a foot of snow seemed like nothing compared to last year's epic winter storms.

Some of our friends were playing outside so we bundled up to join them. I was anticipating a quick return seeing as Abby was less than enthusiastic about the snow last year. Boy, was I wrong. She loved it.

After seeing it done on one of her shows, she was thrilled to make a snow angel. Her 24 pounds pretty much just float on top of the snow, so daddy had to show her how it was done.

She had a blast going down this little hill on the sled. She kept wanting to go again. On one of her runs down, the sled tipped at the bottom and she face-planted in the snow. She was tough about it!

We don't really have the best winter gear for Abby. That, in combination with a relentless breeze, left her practically convulsing. She was so cold that we had to take her home. She cried for about 20 minutes after we got inside. Despite how cold she was, she wanted desperately to keep playing.

She has been asking to play in the snow ever since, so we thought we'd better take her out before the forecasted rain melted it all away. This time, it was much warmer out, so we were able to stay outside without turning into icicles.

We found this little snowman that some of Abby's friends had made. His face had fallen off so we thought we'd do some reconstructive surgery.

She loves crunching the snow and I love seeing her tiny boot prints.

Sam's "Peterson genes" drove him to straighten the leaning snowman. However, he ended up just knocking him over. Abby helped put him back together.

Daddy taught Abby to throw snowballs. Surprisingly, none of them were aimed at me.

I told Abby to say, "Cheese!" and this is what we ended up with. Man, I love that girl.

Coloring in the snow with a stick she found. She decided it was a chessestick (aka string cheese) and attempted to put it in her mouth.

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