Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Winter Storm...

This winter has been pretty brutal. We haven't had the massive storms that we had last year, but it has been bitterly cold and so the snow never melts and just continually accumulates from each small storm. This week, however, mother nature decided to surprise all of us (including the meteorologists) with a big one. It was a particularly strange storm--amidst the blizzard, there was a thunderstorm. Abby was dying to go outside but I'm not brave enough to take her alone in my off-balanced state. So, we had to wait for daddy to get home to head out.

We sent Abby and Lil down together on the sled. They thought it was pretty fun.

Sam picked up Abby and dropped her in the snow. She was pretty shocked but thought it was hilarious.

Snow snuggles are especially fun.

Abby's favorite part of playing in the snow might be the part when we come inside and have hot chocolate!


  1. Yeah we were supposed to get another big storm up here, but it's been a balmy 28 degrees all week without a massive snow storm in sight, just small little showers of snow everyone once in awhile. Compared to last Sunday when the high was 4, and Monday when the high was 2, I'll take this instead!

  2. We've had snow here (rare for us) and Sydney loved it so much she didn't want to come inside. Even though her little hands and cheeks were bright red and she couldn't stop shivering! Not even hot chocolate could tempt her.


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