Thursday, February 24, 2011

40 Weeks...

Today is my due date. And to be honest, I'm not dealing with this milestone particularly well. I never reached my due date with Abby, so I've never had this experience that so many women face. We all know all along that our due date is just a predictor and holds very little meaning to when you will actually deliver your baby. And yet, it's that day we look to for months, our finish line. Then, the day comes and you realize it's all been a cruel joke. You made it to the finish line (psyche) only to find out that the race isn't really over.

I hoped to get a real finish line at my doctor's appointment yesterday, but the policies on induction are much different here than they were in Utah. I won't even have a date scheduled until I have an appointment next week.

So here I sit in limbo...wishing, waiting, hoping and praying to meet my sweet little girl--to find myself again. I'm ready to be a mother of two. I'm fairly certain I've never been more ready for anything.


  1. I was the same way. 4 days early with Madeleine. 5 days late with Sophie. Tell someone to throw you a party-a-day for each day you are late. Get your mind off it. Good luck! So happy for you guys! Ahhhh... the anticipation.

  2. Good luck mommy! Your baby girl will be here before you know it. I like the above suggestion- pamper yourself these days while you wait :)

  3. Well if it makes you feel any better my grandma was a month late when she was pregnant with my mom, and I'm pretty sure they don't let you go that long anymore! So there is a light at the end of that tunnel. And a baby :)

    Come on baby Peterson! Come out to play!

  4. Maybe a little Jazzercise is just what the little lady needs to get moving. =) "Move your boogie body! Come on and shake those hips!"

  5. Deborah - I hit my due date with Carson too (not with Troy). It was so depressing. I was a totally witch and cried. I had to wait until 41 weeks, and then they would talk about induction. It was the LONGEST week ever. But I survived, and I know you will survive too. Hang in there. Watch a good show or trashy TV to distract yourself and eat some chocolate. Good luck!


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