Thursday, February 10, 2011

Abby's Pillow

Abby is getting very excited about sleeping in a big girl bed. We told her about the plan early, thinking she would need to get used to the idea. That was, apparently, unnecessary because she talks about it ALL the time now. We may be making a trip to Ikea sooner than anticipated.

We were a little concerned about putting her in a bed because she tends to sleep in a different place/position every night. We decided to put a pillow in her bed to see if that would help her sleep in the right direction.

Here she is on her first night...

She wasn't on the pillow, but she was close. And yes, she does like her blankey like that. The next night or two, we found her in similar positions and decided the new pillow was too fluffy for her tiny head. So, we traded it for one of the well-loved, flatter pillows on our bed. When we went to check on her last night, she was laying on the pillow, right where Sam left her. Hooray!

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