Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby Ties

I realized yesterday that I have been leaving you in serious suspense about the baby boy ties we made at our Girl's Night a few weeks ago.

I ran across the tutorial for these ties several months ago and was floored by the genius of it. You all know how I love a good repurposing project.

After some tie-tying lessons from Sam, I was ready to teach the girls. I wish I had a picture of the ties the other girls made. There were some totally cute ones!

I was busy bow-making the night of the get-together, but I couldn't resist this project and worked on it the next night.

Here's how my tie turned out:

Abby modeled it for me.

I used Abby for a test dummy and she has a pretty large noodle, so I made the neck strap pretty long to fit over her head. It will probably have to be safety pinned in the back. I sent it off to my cute nephew seeing as there are no tie-wearing little ones in this household.

1 comment:

  1. We love it! I'll send you a picture when he wears it.


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