Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We went to a very fun Valentine's Day party on Friday. Throughout the week, Abby and I made Valentines for her friends and a box to collect her loot in. It was a lot of fun doing a crafty project with her. She used scissors for the first time and she was a pro. She decorated the cards with stickers and crayons.

This is Abby's box. In case you couldn't tell, those swirls on the side are letters. She said, "A, B, W, X, T..." as she wrote on each side.

As soon as she got to the party, she was OBSESSED with the cookies on the table. She wanted one SO bad. I forgot to take any pictures while we were there, but it was very cute watching the kids put cards and treats in each other's boxes.

Abby was very excited to find out what was inside her box.

She was overwhelmed with excitement about the candy she received. She woke up early from her nap asking for candy and has been asking for it about every 30 seconds since. I think some of it is going to start making it's way into mommy's tummy because the excitement is making her (and me) a little crazy.

This picture cracks me up. She looks like she's in pain with the NEED for candy!

Tonight will be pretty low-key as Valentine's Day has fallen in the middle of midterms week. I think we'll try for some Love Potion ice cream from Baskin Robbins.(Go try some! It's delicious!)

There are about 10.5 hours left to fulfill my desire for another holiday baby! However, Sam (and the girls planning my baby shower tomorrow) would prefer to wait.

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