Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Day at the Beach

We spent our first day in California hanging out at the beach. The kids had a blast! We were out there for hours and they still didn't want to go home. Our Philly friends, The Flemings came to visit and Abby got to reunite with her buddy Garrett. They were a little shy at first but then got right to playing. That evening we went to Balboa Island to walk around and eat frozen bananas and Balboa Bars. YUM!
The water was pretty cold, as per usual California, so the kids spent most of their time in the sand.

Abby was so excited to get buried.

They did brave the water a bit. Clara definitely wasn't feeling it though.

Philip and Sam went boogie boarding. They did a good job catching some waves.


Hey look, I was there. I have the peeling sunburn to prove it.

Grant did a lot of this. He wasn't so sure about the beach at first. Luckily he settled down because we thought we'd have to take him home.

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