Thursday, June 13, 2013


Ever since Clara was about two months old, the girls have been roommates. They really enjoy sleeping in the same room together. If they are misbehaving at bedtime, we threaten to move one of them into the other room and they shape right up.
Clara is sleeping in a big girl bed now. She has been pretty good about staying in her bed and the girls have been going to bed much better since we've been in Arizona too. I think the heat wears them right out.
Last night, I went in to check on the girls and found a surprise at the end of Abby's bed. I thought it was pretty cute.
(No, the girls don't sleep with the lights so bright. The flash sure brightens the room right up.)

When I asked them about it in the morning, they didn't seem to know it had happened. I guess they were just playing together and ended up passing out.

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