Thursday, June 27, 2013

California Adventure

We spent our first Disney day at California Adventure. It was cool to visit the new Cars Land and to take my kiddos on all of the rides. I absolutely love Disneyland/California Adventure and it was so fun to share it with my family. Being there with kids takes the magic to a different level. Between Fast Passes and parent swaps, we were able to do a ton without ever waiting too long!
Luigi's Flying Tires. It's like being on an air hockey table.

The carousel is always a hit!

Abby took this picture and told them to make silly faces. I love it!

Clara got upset that Abby wasn't sharing the chips with her and while Philip was hugging her, she fell asleep. Poor girl got left out a lot because she wasn't tall enough for several of the rides. We tried to do some things to make it special for her.

The baby boys were little gems. They did a lot of snoozing but were able to go on a few rides.

These two are buddies! They kept each other quite entertained while we waited in lines. Unfortunately, this picture was followed shortly by a tackle and a head to a pole.

It was fun going on some rides with just grownups. We did a lot of switcheroos throughout the day.

Cooling off in the sprinklers.

While we were waiting in line to buy ice cream, a guy came up to my parents and Abby and asked if they wanted this giant wiener dog. He had won it but didn't want to carry it around anymore. Of course, the kids wanted it. We were quite the spectacle walking around with it. The dog will live at grammy and grandpas, thank goodness!

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  1. Man, that was such a fun two days. We need to do this every year!

    And oh, that wiener dog...


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