Friday, June 28, 2013


We spent Day 2 at Disneyland and had another wonderful day. The kids were great, especially considering that we woke them up early and kept them up late.
I took these three to meet Aladdin and Jasmine. They were the only characters we got pictures with. I really wanted the girls to meet Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder but the wait was 50 minutes! No thanks. We just peeked in the room so they could see them.

I took the girls into the bathroom and when I came out of my stall, Abby wasn't there. I told her where I was going but she didn't hear me and left the bathroom. I ran and gave Clara to my dad and Sam and I went to find her. A guy saw me looking around and asked if I was missing a little girl. He said she was at the Dole stand and when I got over there, someone was already taking her to "lost children." We got to her quickly. She seemed pretty calm but I was totally freaked out. We joked that Disneyland is a good place to lose your kid because nobody wants an extra.

There were more rides for Clara to go on, which was nice. I was pretty miserable with my sunburn. Thank goodness for Ibuprofen!

Abby was so excited to steer the car. She told grammy, "I didn't know I could drive!"

Grant got to go on the Nemo submarines and a few other rides. He was a very good boy!

Abby was pretty excited to eat cotton candy for the first time! Thanks Uncle Philip!

At the end of the day, it was necessary to have a few treats.
We had an amazing trip! Thanks mom and dad! Now that Philip and Merrick live close, we will definitely be back!

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