Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Taggie Blanket

My friend Laura, in Philly, made Taggie Blankets as her signature baby shower gift. When Grant's hands were getting a little spastic in bed, we started to give him the Taggie as a way to occupy his hands and keep him from knocking the pacifier out of his mouth. He has grown quite fond of the Taggie and likes to have it when he sleeps. I decided, at 3:30 a.m., when I do some of my best thinking, that I should make him another Taggie for the times when one is in the wash, or heaven forbid, one gets lost. (Wow, that was a run-on sentence!) I'm all about babies having something to soothe them, but I think it best to have more than one of that something. I know my own parents had some fun experiences with lost blankies.
I checked my fabric stash and found some I liked. Most of my ribbon is girlie so I loaded up the troops and went to JoAnn for some more.
I thought I'd document the process for your sheer enjoyment.
Taggie Blanket
What you'll need:
2 kinds of fabric, I used a minky and a snuggle flannel
assorted ribbon of different sizes and textures
sewing machine
I started by cutting my fabric about 12x14 inches. I was using some leftover fabric so I was a bit limited on size.

Next, I cut my ribbon into 4 inch strips. I made 20 strips using 6 different ribbons. I wanted to keep it cheap so I used some ribbon I already had and bought a couple of new ones at JoAnn. (Check the dollar section. They had some cute two-spools packs for a buck!

Once all my ribbon was cut, I arranged it how I would put it on the blanket. I strayed from it a bit but I didn't want the same ribbon next to each other.

Fold a piece of ribbon in half.

Place each strip of ribbon between the fabric, right sides together and pin it in place. Pin it well! You don't want it coming lose.

Pin all of your strips between the fabric. It's a bit tedious, but the project is so easy otherwise! (This is just to show you what it looks like. When all the ribbon is in place, it should be hiding between the fabric.)

Sew around the outside leaving an opening of a few inches at one of the corners.

At the open corner, turn the blanket right side out.

Sew along the edge to close of your opening and to make sure all of the ribbons are nice and secure.

Ta da! So easy and inexpensive--a perfect gift for a friend or for your own little one.

I think it's safe to say that he likes it!

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