Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cousin Time

We watched our nieces and nephews the other night so Roo and Alisa could go to the temple. The girls absolutely love having their cousins over. Ella is always thinking of fun things to do. She did makeovers on the girls and brought over a Barbie movie to watch.
I love that Abby's feet are on Ella's lap. So sweet.

Owen wasn't really into watching the movie so Sam played some games with him. While they were playing games, he said to Sam, "Can you tell your wife to come back here and make some more popcorn." I don't think he meant for it to come out that way but when Sam told me I laughed so hard.

Ella helped the girls brush their teeth. Here's a glimpsy of their cute bathroom.

We sure love having cousins close by!

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