Thursday, October 28, 2010

Food Group

I started a food group with a group of friends. We had our first get-together last night. The theme for the month was pumpkin. We all made a pumpkin dish and sat around gorging ourselves, drinking sparkling cider and chatting. It was a fun night. Our group has a blog where we will be keeping our recipes each month.

Check it out:

Next month's theme is bacon! I can hardly wait!


  1. Food group? ::swoon::
    pumpkin? ::quadruple swoon::
    It was all just a ploy to celebrate my birthday wasn't it?

  2. Yay for food groups! We just had a Halloween-themed one with our group but I was the only one that made anything even remotely Halloween-y. The rest of the food was delicious though so I can't complain. Have fun with it!

  3. JEALOUS!!!! I wish I were still there! I would have LOVED to be in your food group...sounds so fun! I'll be checking out your recipes!!! Have fun!


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