Thursday, October 21, 2010

Freddy Hills Farm

For playgroup this week, we went to Freddy Hills Farm. This was our second year going and it was even more fun this time around. It was crazy for me to think that Abby couldn't even walk when we came last year (though I sorta wished she couldn't since it was rather muddy).

We (almost) all arrived just in the nick of time to board our reserved hayride. Actually, the guy kept trying to take the stairs away when we'd all yell, "Wait, one more girl is running over." I think he wanted to kill us.

Abby waiting to get on the hayride. The anticipation was killing her.

The hayride (Which Abby seemed indifferent to) took us to a pumpkin patch. We walked around while I coached Abby into picking a pumpkin. Then, as we walked back through the patch, she proceeded to pick up several others. Luckily, I was able to persuade her that the one in our bag was far superior.

At the end of the hayride there is a child-sized corn maze (that we all still managed to take every wrong turn in). You exit the maze by climbing some stairs and going down a very slow slide.

Finally, we all ended up in the little shop to partake in some delicious homemade ice-cream. Abby, obviously, loved it. I practically had to wrestle her to get a few licks!

It was a fun, fall day. However, Halloween activities always make me sad because I realize how big my sweetheart is getting. In just over a week she will be two! Crazy!

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