Friday, July 5, 2013

A Funny

I was going to post pictures and tell you about our Fourth of July but I left the camera in the car...You will have to wait in anticipation until next week.

For posterity's sake, I just had to write about something funny that Abby has said a few times lately.

It started when we were staying at my parent's house while Sam was driving our stuff out here. Abby was acting cranky and I told her that she shouldn't wake up so early. She said, "I just don't sleep at night." Surprised, I responded, "You don't sleep?" And she said, "No, I just lay there quietly all night." Like the oftentimes immature adult that I am, I proceeded to argue with her that she did in fact sleep; that I came in the room and saw her sleeping. However, she was adamant that she didn't sleep and that she hadn't been sleeping the whole time we were in Arizona.

She has used this as excuse for grumpiness several times since then. I think it is hysterical. And yet, I still have to fight the urge to argue with her every time. When will I ever grow up? Probably never.

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