Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Sorry for the downer of a post yesterday. I just needed to vent. It was a hard day. Probably my hardest day as a mother of three. Today has been similar in a lot of ways. Grant isn't napping well. The girls are pushing each others buttons. There are chores to be done. The main difference about today is my perspective. I have tried to focus on the eternal nature of my family. Instead of dwelling on the less than stellar behavior of my children, I am thinking about the deep love I have for them. Instead of raising my voice, I am staying calm. Does this mean my girls don't bicker or bug each other? No. But they do it less and I am a lot more happy. Instead of getting so frustrated with Grant, I am focusing on the fact that he is just a baby and that he's not perfect.

I know I will have more days like yesterday. I know my life will be filled with different challenges as my children go through different phases of life. I just hope I can keep an eternal perspective--to think of mothering as a calling and not a job.

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