Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Biker Chicks

A while back, I wrote about how Abby stopped biting her blanket/sheet/pillow case. Well, unfortunately, she regressed and was back to her old fabric-loving ways. We knew we needed to crack down hard and up the prize. We have been wanting to get her a bike for a while, so we decided to make that the grand prize. We made a chart. She earned a sticker when she wouldn't bite anything and got a sticker removed if she did bite something. And, anything she bit would be taken from her bed. She was down to the fitted sheet and a pillow with no pillow case. Luckily, it's nice and hot outside so we didn't worry about her getting cold in her bed. A few nights, she even snuck a blanket into her bed and one time, while taking a nap, she bit the bottom of her dress. Well, she finally earned her eight stickers so we took her to Target to pick out a bike and a helmet. She chose a princess bike and a Hello Kitty helmet. When Sam went to assemble the bike, it was defective so we had to take it back and order a new one.
Yesterday, Grammy and Grandpa came over and brought a pump so we could pump up the tires and take the bike for a spin. She was beyond excited! She did a great job riding but the adventure was short because it was really hot out!

Clara is working on her tricycle skills. She prefers to walk her feet along so we'll have to get her to pedal.

We're proud of Abby and hope she's really beaten her habit for good this time. But, we're keeping all the bedding off a little longer, just in case!

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